Bad Boy

You recently had the biggest summer of your career so far playing almost every show at the weekly Magaluf residency at Boomerang MCP, can you tell us about your main highlights of the summer & what to expect in 2019?

Main highlights of the summer was most definitely hearing from near enough everyone we came in contact with working over there that I Am A Raver was the biggest night on the strip. We made that much of an impact that everyone and anyone was talking about it, even workers and punters who had never even heard of the brand were talking about us. That’s what made the summer so class. We were the biggest party on the strip this year with every show we played near enough packed wall to wall! Expect the same in 2019 but with more nights, new music, a bigger show and an even better atmosphere, we are only getting bigger!

Throughout the years you have not only progressed as a DJ but also host the shows with some incredible performances on the mic. How did this become part of your sets and what can DJ Bad Boy fans expect when they come to see you?

Being brought up with music in the family is always a bonus. My old man taught me the ways of the mic and as confidence grew I learned my own wee tricks and lines to put my own twist on sets and different shows! Every show is different with me on the mic and that’s what I aim for! Any show you come to will be completely different I can guarantee that, I try to build an atmosphere straight from the start, the aim is to get the crowd louder than the music and every show the crowd gets better and better! Every chant you can think of you’ll hear it at our shows but we do it different to everyone else, that’s why I Am A Raver stands out.

What is your favourite DJ Bad Boy chant on the mic & what crowds have gave you the best reactions?

Best chant would usually be ”Here we fucking go,” just as it’s signature to Scottish crowds but recently I’ve noticed if the crowd are up for it, it can be any chant, if the crowds on form anything you say on that mic can get them going! Best crowds hands down is Glasgow and Belfast, very similar in many ways and definitely just as mental ha. Another personal favourite is “Acid Disco Patsys & Ecto,” which is also featured on some of the I Am A Raver merchandise.

Friday or Saturday night?

Believe it or not, Saturday cause I get a long lie and a wee siesta before the madness. Friday is always rushed.

What has been your favourite I Am A Raver show so far & where would you like to play in the future?

Hard to knuckle it down to one so I’d say between Classic grand, Liquid Rooms and Boomerang in Magaluf! There’s honestly some belters we have done that make it hard to choose.

Do you still drink Bucky?

Aye! But am getting too auld for aw that sugar and caffeine

Finally, we loved your tracks on I Am A Raver Volume One which is now sold out, especially the remix of Miracle,” with DJ Zitkus. What can we expect to hear from you for the forthcoming I Am A Raver Volume Two album?

We are working a whole lot of new material and ideas, volume two is going to be bigger and better. With some new fresh music coming from myself and the lads as well as some absolute anthems with our own twist on them. On this album we are working towards bringing out new versions of some forgotten classics that haven’t really been done yet. Volume two is gonna blow the first one out the water!

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