DJ Cammy

You have just recently come back from Las Vegas playing the first show I Am A Raver show over there with DJ Zitkus. How was that experience?

Landing in Las Vegas was incredible. Touching down and realising one of my dreams has came true! So one of the most amazing parts was not just gig itself but the experience as a whole and how many doors it will open for our future.

You have a massive following in Ireland having played in most of the counties. This played a big part in I Am A Raver featuring at the Irish Takeover show. What has been your favourite memories playing in Ireland?

Jesus, there are too many amazing memories of Ireland. Far too many! For a start, I would just love the that the Irish for being feckin Irish. However, If I had to pick a few random ones from the top of my head right now one would be… St Patrick’s weekend. 5 shows across the Republic of Ireland over 3 nights! Plastik in Belfast gives the Glasgow crowd a run for their money! But a great bonus of being a DJ is travelling to a lot of new places around the world. The scenery, the people, the Guinness and the madness of Ireland has made it the best place to go and I am so greatful for everyone who supports the brand.

Denis Sulta has recently stated he is a fan of the PCDJ era. Would you ever do a new collab with him in the future & what DJ you most like to make a track with?

More like would Denis Sulta want to collab with me … but aye 100% . If I could pick anyone though I would love to be on a track with the man himself – Darren Styles!

What has been your favourite I Am A Raver show so far & where would you like to play in the future?

It has to be between Edinburgh’s Liquid rooms or Glasgow’s Classic Grand but right next door to them as in semi detached house … Boomerang Magaluf! I would love to play at Creamfields with I Am A Raver (which will happen I reckon).

Finally, we loved your tracks on I Am A Raver Volume One which is now sold out. What can we expect to hear from you for the forthcoming I Am A Raver Volume Two album?

Now that would be telling, but I’ll let you into one secret. We will all be dancing in the dark again very soon.

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