DJ Dexi

You are the newest resident DJ of the I Am A Raver brand. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

HEYY, I am DJ Dexi. I am currently one of the few female DJs to come from bonny Scotland and I am currently ranked one of the Top DJs by Scottish Top 50 DJs and Top 100 Djanes UK and Asia. I was the resident DJ for Campus Glasgow and EQHQ Livingston up until I started touring internationally, playing in Ibiza, Dubai, Asia as well as doing regular gigs across the UK. DJiing is my whole life! I truly love it and I dedicate all my time learning and working towards being the best DJ & person I can be.

You just recently done a tour in Nepal. How was that experience?

AMAZING!! I toured for 6 weeks all across the entire country of Nepal on some of the biggest stages I have ever seen, it was crazy to be recognised by a country on the other side of the world, loved every second of it.

What can I Am A Raver fans who are not familiar with yourself expect from a DJ Dexi set?

I am very energetic and enthusiastic when you catch me on the decks and love to hype anyone I come into contact with, I am a big fan of old skool, hardcore and hardstyle so guaranteed to be a mad yin.

What venues are you looking forward to playing at most with the I Am A Raver brand?

Don’t think I could ever not be buzzing for a home show in Glasgow, but can honestly say I am excited for every show and city, never seen a video from an I Am A Raver show that doesn’t look like absolute madness

Finally, you are currently ranked as one of the Top 100 Female DJs in the UK. What are your goals for the future?

I would like to continue playing in countries all across the world and plan to bring out my own music next year that I hope people can relate to and enjoy. I am really buzzing to be the new resident for I Am A Raver and can’t wait to bring a new perspective to the brand as the first female raver.

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