DJ Rankin

Can you tell us a bit about the PCDJ era back in the day & how you started it?

Well I started messing around with mixing software I came across online to try put together some songs I liked in a sort of mash up for me and my mates at the weekends. It was never supposed to be heard by anyone apart from us really but with the internet starting to take off a few of my friends would share it on their social media platforms back then like Yahoo Messenger and MSN and before I knew it my remixes started taking off and it just blew up and all of a sudden. I had clubs mailing me asking to do gigs, so I had no choice but to start learning how to DJ. I would say I was about 15 or 16 when I got my first resident spot. The problem is I was the first to really do this sort of PCDJ as they called it style of remixing. To me it was just messing around with songs I had no clue what I was actually doing at first it was for my own enjoyment I knew that it was basic, I mean listening back to it obviously some of it was out of time and just a mash of acapella layered over tracks but what people forget is I was only 13 when I started doing these remixes. I’d let a few mates hear it and they would love it and ask for a copy then it just went from there, it got shared out all over and all of a sudden this messing around I did for my own enjoyment was in demand.

You have recently just finished your first solo album ‘DJ Rankin – Back In The Mix’ which is now available to buy in our merchandise section. Can you tell us a bit about this album and what DJ Rankin fans can expect when they come to see you?

This album is a tribute to everyone who has stuck with us over the years and is designed to have a touch of the old and the new. I have remixed some of my most famous tracks and brought them back up to date with brand new remixes and also thrown in some new tracks. The album is fully produced and not just mash ups. This is real production and a massive step forward from before.

If you want to go back to the days of sitting down a park getting on it with your mates then you want this album in your life. Our shows are always second to none we blow the roof of every single venue and event we play, the brand name speaks for itself now, ask anyone who has been at our shows and they are likely to tell you it’s one of the best nights of their life! If you haven’t been yet then get it sorted!

Are you a raver? 

I Am A Raver!

What was your favourite PCDJ track you made?

Defo would have to be I Am A Raver!

What has been your favourite I Am A Raver show so far & where would you like to play in the future?

Really difficult question, I would struggle to pick just one I love them all every show big or small we do is epic the crowds are always well up for it no matter where we go but if I was pushed for a stand out show I would say the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh was pretty special!

You were playing solo shows before you joined the I Am A Raver team. Do you have any favourite memories from these shows?

Probably playing with Akon at the o2/Point In Dublin. I was only about 17 back then and to walk out to 10 thousand people blew my mind, I will never forget that. I knew right then I wanted to do this forever but I was always solo doing them gigs and had nobody to really share the moments with but now I have the guys who came up in the scene with me by my side sharing and making these memories it makes it 100 times better than it ever was before.

Finally, what can we expect from DJ Rankin in 2019?

Defo another album, I worked on so much stuff for this current album it was hard fitting it all in I could have filled 3 albums. So yeah defo another album and playing more shows than ever in the UK and abroad. I Am A Raver are taking over and we are only getting bigger and better! Can’t wait to see all the ravers at our gigs in 2019!

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