DJ Zitkus

You are the founder of I Am A Raver. Can you tell us a bit about you and how you started the brand?

Well I started doing the PCDJ tunes in my early teens, mainly as a hobby and never really spent much time on them tbh (hence how bad the beatmatching was). My Mum bought me my first set of decks (vinyl) to keep me off the streets & I never looked back. I started to learn how to beatmatch properly and eventually could play a full set. I was mainly a bedroom DJ for the next few years, I then decided to play an open decks night at Betty’s Nightclub (part of the legendary Archaos). I practised that set easy 60 times or more from start to finish playing the old UK Hardcore tracks. From then I ended up playing in Archaos main room (which was a dream of mine) only a few gigs in. I was booked to play with 2 of my idols at the time Scott Brown & Joey Riot. I was last billed on the flyer and expected to play the opening set to then be told I was playing the peak slot as Scott & Joey had gigs down south. I remember whiteying with nerves before the set but after my first mix I was fine and played one of my favourite gigs. Anyway, a few years of doing bits & bobs, trying some things that worked, some that didn’t, I decided to start the I Am A Raver brand. People used to always ask me to play the old tunes and I used to think it was a riddy, but at some random mad after party I decided I was going to gather all the PCDJ legends together for a one-off event. This show sold out in a few days and was the beginning of … I AM A RAVER

What can DJ Zitkus fans expect when they come to see you?

My sets probably vary more than the rest of the DJs. I love warming up. especially when the show has sold out and you can create that perfect vibe before the rest of the acts. I usually play peak slots in Glasgow where you can expect plenty of anthems including my own tracks from I Am A Raver Volume One. Occasionally, i go back to my roots and play a harder set.

You were recently in an online argument over a track on the album where you responded, “Fuck Up Susan.” What has been the outcome of this situation?

No comment

What was your favourite PCDJ track you made?


What has been your favourite I Am A Raver show so far & where would you like to play in the future?

There has been so many. My favourites include The Classic Grand, The Liquid Room, The Wright Venue, Mandella Hall, Plastik, Boomerang etc. There have been so many! Proud of how I have turned my hobby into a business over the years. Playing in Las Vegas was an amazing experience I will never forget & the fact I get to play all over the world with my best mates is a dream come true. I would love to play The Hydro, an Ibiza super club, Creamfields & tick off a few more countries.

Finally, what can we expect from I Am A Raver in 2019?

The diary is already filling up fast and we are hitting some new countries too. We will be having an even bigger summer with even more shows in Magaluf including a show with the massive Pirates Reloaded brand to kick off our summer over there. We will be back in Las Vegas & will continue to play over Scotland, Ireland, England, etc. If you would like to bring the brand to your venue get in touch.

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